Email cases

Set the system to automatically send an email message to the person or group a case is assigned to, every time a case is added or reassigned.

Before you begin

You must have Case Management Administrator privileges.

You can also email a case notification manually, and include case notes and event details.

To... Do this...
Email a case automatically
  1. On the Cases pane, click the Open Case Management icon .
  2. Click the Case Management Settings icon .
  3. Select Send an email when a case is assigned, then click Close.
Note: Email addresses for the users must be on the ESM (see Setup users).
Email an existing case manually
  1. On the Cases pane, select the case you want to email, then click the Edit Case icon .
  2. On Case Details, click Email Case, then fill in the From and To fields.
  3. Select whether you want to include the notes and attach a CSV file of the event details.
  4. Type any notes you want to include in the email message, then click Send.