Edit or close a case

If you have Case Management Administrator privileges, you can modify any case on the system. If you have Case Management User privileges, you can modify only cases that are assigned to you.


  1. Access Case Details in one of these ways.
    For... Do this...
    A case assigned to you
    1. Select the case on the Cases pane.
    2. Click the Edit Case icon .
    A case not assigned to you
    1. Click the Open Case Management icon in the Cases pane.
    2. Select the case to be modified.
    3. Click the Edit Case icon at the bottom of the view.
  2. Edit the settings or close the case in the Status field.
  3. Click OK to save the changes.


The changes are recorded in the Notes section of the Case Details page. If you closed the case, it no longer appears on the Cases pane, but remains on the Case Management list with the status changed to Closed.