Generate case management reports

There are six case management reports available on the ESM.


  1. On the System Properties page, click ReportsAdd.
  2. Complete sections 1, 2, and 3.
  3. In section 4, select Query CSV.
  4. In section 5, select the case management report to run.
    • Case Management Summary — Includes case ID numbers, the severity assigned to the cases, their status, the users they are assigned to, the organizations where they are assigned (if any), the date and time that the cases were added, the date and time that the cases were updated (if they have been), and the case summaries.
    • Case Management Details — Includes all information in the Case Management Summary report as well as the ID numbers of the events linked to the cases and the information included in the notes sections of the cases.
    • Case Time to Resolution — Shows the length of time that it took between status changes (for example, the differential between the Open time stamp and Closed time stamp). By default, it lists the cases with a status of Closed by Case ID number as well as severity, organization, Created date, last update, summary, and time difference.
    • Cases per Assignee — Includes the number of cases assigned to a user or group.
    • Cases per Organization — Includes the number of cases per organization.
    • Cases per Status — Includes the number of cases per status type.
  5. Complete section 6 (see Description of contain and regex filters), then click Save.


The report is saved and added to the Reports list.