Types of migration

You can let Migration Assistant migrate all your settings and assignments automatically, based on your current settings and new product defaults, or you can select and configure them manually.

  • Automatic migration
    • Migrates the entire System Tree or a single group and its subgroups.
    • Migrates these settings and retains assignments:
      • Host IPS Catalog
      • Policies and client tasks for all supported Windows products
      • (Optional) Some policy settings for supported Mac products
      • (Optional) Some policy settings and client tasks for supported Linux products
  • Manual migration
    • Lets you select the Host IPS Catalog, policies, or client tasks to migrate.
      Tip: Best practice: Migrate the Host IPS Catalog immediately before the McAfee Host IPS Firewall policies to ensure that they remain synchronized.
    • Lets you edit policies during the migration process, if needed.