How the installation handles other installed products

Before you install McAfee Endpoint Security 10.7.x, check that other products running on your endpoints are compatible. If any products are not compatible, follow instructions to resolve conflicts.

The installer detects existing virus-detection or firewall products on the endpoint, checks for compatibility, and tries to uninstall the software. If it can't, it prompts the user to cancel the installation, uninstall the incompatible software manually from the Windows Control Panel, then resume the installation.

Additionally, these products can affect the installation requirements for Endpoint Security or the way that Endpoint Security features are configured after installation.

If... Then...
Common Event Enabler (CEE)/Common AntiVirus Agent (CAVA) is running To install with CAVA support, use the /CAVA command-line option.

To upgrade a previous version with CAVA, use the command-line option. Otherwise, the upgrade occurs without CAVA.

McAfee® Application Control and McAfee® Change Control are running

Install Endpoint Security first, then Application Control and Change Control.

Otherwise, disable the Memory Protection and Script As Updater features in Application Control and Change Control before installing Endpoint Security.

McAfee Client Proxy is installed Web Control disables itself automatically if it detects a web gateway appliance or if McAfee Client Proxy is installed and in redirection mode.