Deploy McAfee Endpoint Security 10.7.x when installing using a third-party tool

Install McAfee Endpoint Security 10.7.x on multiple endpoints using the installation packages and a third-party deployment tool.

These steps vary depending on the tool. See the documentation for your third-party deployment tool for specific deployment details.


  1. Follow the steps required in your tool for creating an application to deploy and install the software on your endpoints, then specify the installation packages to deploy.
    You need to manually select the installation packages that you downloaded for the product modules.
  2. Enter a command line for installing the product.
    For the installation command line, enter setupEP.exe with the options required for your environment.

    Best practice: Use setupEP.exe ADDLOCAL="tp,atp,fw,wc" to install all the product modules on endpoints without displaying notifications or interrupting user activity.

  3. Specify the information and options required for your environment.
    These vary depending on your tool. Some examples might be:
    • To detect whether the product needs to be installed — Specify a detection method for determining whether the product is already installed, such as a file, a registry key, or an .msi product code. For example, Endpoint Security 10.7.x doesn't need to be deployed to systems where the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry key SOFTWARE\McAfee\Endpoint\AV includes a value for ProductVersion that is equal to 10.7.x.
    • To configure the user experience — Specify options for running the installer on the endpoint (for example, whether users need to be logged on, whether installation is hidden, and estimated and maximum installation times).
    • To check whether other required products need to be upgraded — Specify any dependencies for required products and versions. For example, if you specify McAfee Agent version 5.6.x and an earlier version is installed, it will be upgraded before Endpoint Security 10.7 is installed.


To verify that Endpoint Security installed on your endpoints, select MenuReportingDashboards, then select Endpoint Security: Installation Status. Check that version 10.7.xxxx is installed on the correct number of endpoints.

Endpoint Security installation status