Best practices for setting up your test environment

As part of your planning process, schedule time to thoroughly test the installation on a subset of representative endpoints, to research and resolve any issues discovered, and to verify the results before installing across your environment.

Progressive (test) deployments typically catch issues that you don't want to experience on a wide-scale, mass deployment. For example, you can avoid issues related to specific programs or files in your environment that you might not have considered.

For best results, make sure the test environment represents your production environment as closely as possible. When selecting endpoints for your test environment, identify the variables in your production environment that you need to include and the groups and endpoints that are available for testing.

  • Do not include endpoints that are essential to your daily operations.
  • Select endpoints that reflect the diversity of your environment.
  • To identify representative endpoints for each group and remote location, consider this information:
    • McAfee product combinations and versions
    • Operating systems
    • Servers and workstations
    • Policy settings and exclusions
    • Third-party products
  • Test on a subset of servers before upgrading your entire server environment.