Download the McAfee Endpoint Security 10.7.x installation packages when using a third-party tool

To install Endpoint Security 10.7.x using a third-party deployment tool, you must download the installation packages from the McAfee Product Downloads site.

The installation packages install Endpoint Security on your endpoints. You can retrieve the installation packages from the McAfee Product Downloads site using a valid grant number.


  1. Go to McAfee Product Downloads.
  2. Enter the grant number and email address associated with the product, then click Submit.
    The My Products page displays information about your licensed products.
  3. In the Find Products section under Filters, select Endpoint Security for the Category.
    A table displays your licensed Endpoint Security products.
  4. Navigate through the table to locate and select McAfee Endpoint Security.
    A table displays all the product files that are available to download.
  5. In the Available Downloads section, under Filters, select Installation for the Type.
    The table displays information about each downloadable installation package, including the release date, file size, and notes.
  6. Select the Endpoint Security Standalone Install package, version 10.7.x.xxxx.
  7. In Windows, move the downloaded installation packages to a location that your deployment tool can access, then expand the compressed folder.


The installation packages are ready to deploy to your endpoints.