Scan susceptible areas on a client system

Run a Quick Scan on areas of a client system that are most susceptible to infection.


  1. Open the Endpoint Security Client.
  2. Click Scan System.
  3. On the Scan System page, click Scan Now for Quick Scan.
    If a scan is already in progress, the Scan Now button changes to View Scan.

    You might also see the View Detections button for the on-access scanner, depending on how settings are configured and whether a threat has been detected. Click this button to open the On-Access Scan page to manage detections at any time.

    Endpoint Security Client displays the status of the scan on a new page.
    Tip: Best practice: The AMCore content creation date indicates the last time the content was updated. If the content is more than two days old, update your protection before running the scan.
  4. Click buttons at the top of the status page to control the scan.
    Pause Scan Pauses the scan before it completes.
    Resume Scan Resumes a paused scan.
    Cancel Scan Cancels a running scan.
  5. When the scan completes, the page displays the number of files scanned, time elapsed, and any detections.
    Detection Name Identifies the name of the detected malware.
    Type Displays the threat type.
    File Identifies the infected file.
    Action Taken Describes the last security action taken on the infected file:
    • Access Denied
    • Cleaned
    • Deleted
    • None

    The on-demand scan detection list is cleared when the next on-demand scan starts.

  6. Select a detection in the table, then click Clean or Delete to clean or delete the infected file.

    Depending on the threat type and scan settings, these actions might not be available.

  7. Click Close to close the page.