What's new

The current release of the product includes these enhancements and changes.

Endpoint Security 10.6.1 December release

This release addresses customer-reported issues, memory consumption issues, and product, scanner, and installer stability issues.

For a complete list of current platform, environment, or operating system support, and the build numbers for this release, see KB82761.

The release includes two package types to support these installation paths:

To... Use this package type
Install Endpoint Security 10.6.1 for the first time. Endpoint Security 10.6.1 Full Installer
Upgrade from any previous Endpoint Security version. Endpoint Security 10.6.1 Full Installer
Upgrade from Endpoint Security version 10.6.0. Endpoint Security 10.6.1 Patch

Installation and upgrade

  • Support for case sensitivity — On systems running the Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update, verify that the case-sensitivity attribute is disabled for folders where you want to install the product software.

    You can check and change this attribute setting in Windows. Once installed, Endpoint Security protects its product folders against enabling case sensitivity, to ensure that this attribute setting won't prevent future product updates and upgrades.

  • McAfee® MVISION Endpoint uninstall — The Endpoint Security installer uninstalls McAfee MVISION Endpoint if it's present on the client system before continuing with the installation.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows anti-malware service protectionEndpoint Security services now start as a Windows-protected service.

Microsoft product support

  • Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019

McAfee® Endpoint Security Common

Client interface lockout behavior — Adds the ability to enforce an Endpoint Security Client lockout if the number of failed password attempts exceeds the configured limit. Use the Enable client interface lockout setting in the Common Options policy in McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee® ePO™) to configure lockout behavior.

Note: Documentation for this feature will be included in the McAfee Endpoint Security 10.7.x Common Product Guide and McAfee Endpoint Security 10.7.x Common Interface Reference Guide.

McAfee® Endpoint Security Web Control

Microsoft Edge support — Adds Microsoft Edge as a supported browser.