Supported and unsupported browsers

Web Control supports Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Chromium Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Note: The Web Control plug-in has access to all data in the browser, including potentially sensitive information such as passwords and credit card information. But, Web Control doesn't store this data.

Web Control supports these browsers and versions:

  • Edge — Current version
    Note: Web Control supports Edge browser on Windows 10 Creators Update (15063) and later only.
  • Chromium Edge — Current version
  • Chrome — Current version. Chrome doesn't support the Show Balloon option
  • Firefox — Current version, including multi-process architecture (E10S)
  • Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) — Current version and previous version
  • Internet Explorer 11

Because Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla release new versions frequently, Web Control might not work with a new update. A Web Control update is released as soon as possible to support the changes to Edge, Chromium Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

For the latest information about browsers that Web Control supports, see KB82761.

Note: (Self-managed systems) All browsers — supported and unsupported — are allowed by default.