McAfee GTI

Enable and configure McAfee GTI (Global Threat Intelligence) settings.

Table 1: Options
Section Option Definition
Sensitivity level Configures the sensitivity level to use when determining if a detected sample is malware.

The higher the sensitivity level, the higher the number of malware detections. But, allowing more detections might result in more false positive results.

Very low The detections and risk of false positives are the same as with regular AMCore content files. A detection is made available to Threat Prevention when McAfee Labs publishes it instead of in the next AMCore content file update.

Use this setting for desktops and servers with restricted user rights and strong security configurations.

Low This setting is the minimum recommendation for laptops, desktops, and servers with strong security configurations.
Medium Use this setting when the regular risk of exposure to malware is greater than the risk of a false positive. McAfee Labs proprietary, heuristic checks result in detections that are likely to be malware. But, some detections might result in a false positive. With this setting, McAfee Labs checks that popular applications and operating system files don't result in a false positive.

This setting is the minimum recommendation for laptops, desktops, and servers.

High Use this setting for deployment to systems or areas which are regularly infected.
Very high Use this setting for non-operating system volumes.

Detections found with this level are presumed malicious, but haven't been fully tested to determine if they are false positives.

Use this setting only to scan volumes and directories that don't support executing programs or operating systems.