Web ControlOptions

Configure Web Control options, which include action enforcement, Secure Search, and email annotations.

Table 1: Options
Section Option Definition
OPTIONS Enable Web Control Disables or enables Web Control. (Enabled by default)
Hide the toolbar on the client browser Hides the Web Control toolbar on the browser without disabling its functionality. (Disabled by default)
Event Logging Log web categories for green rated sites Logs content categories for all green-rated sites.
Log Web Control iFrame events Logs when malicious (Red) and warn (Yellow) sites that appear in an HTML iframe are blocked.
Action Enforcement Apply this action to sites not yet verified by McAfee GTI Specifies the default action to apply to sites that McAfee GTI hasn't yet rated.
  • Allow (Default) — Permits users to access the site.
  • Warn — Displays a warning to notify users of potential dangers associated with the site. Users must dismiss the warning before continuing.
  • Block — Prevents users from accessing the site and displays a message that the site download is blocked.
Enable HTML iFrames support Blocks access to malicious (Red) and warn (Yellow) sites that appear in an HTML iframe. (Enabled by default)
Block sites by default if McAfee GTI ratings server is not reachable Blocks access to websites by default if Web Control can't reach the McAfee GTI server.
Block phishing pages for all sites Blocks all phishing pages, overriding content ratings actions. (Enabled by default)
Enable file scanning for file downloads Scans all (.zip, .exe, .ecx, .cab, .msi, .rar, .scr, and .com) files before downloading. (Enabled by default)

This option prevents users from accessing a downloaded file until Web Control and Threat Prevention mark the file as clean.

Web Control performs a McAfee GTI lookup on the file. If McAfee GTI allows the file, Web Control sends the file to Threat Prevention for scanning. If a downloaded file is detected as a threat, Endpoint Security responds with the configured action and alerts the user.

McAfee GTI sensitivity level Specifies the McAfee GTI sensitivity level that Web Control uses for file downloads.
Exclusions Specify IP addresses or ranges to exclude from Web Control rating or blocking Adds specified IP addresses and ranges to the local private network, excluding them from rating or blocking.

Private IP addresses are excluded by default.

Tip: Best practice: Use this option to treat external sites as if they belong to the local network.
  • Add — Adds an IP address to the list of private addresses in the local network.
  • Double-click an itemChanges the selected item.
  • Delete — Deletes an IP address from the list of private addresses in the local network.
Secure Search Enable Secure Search Enables Secure Search, automatically blocking malicious sites in search results based on safety rating.
Set the default search engine in supported browsers Specifies the default search engine to use for supported browsers:
  • Yahoo
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Ask
Block links to risky sites in search results Prevents users from clicking links to risky sites in search results.
Table 2: Advanced options
Section Option Definition
Email Annotations Enable annotations in browser-based email Annotates URLs in browser-based email clients, such as Yahoo Mail and Gmail.
Enable annotations in non browser-based email Annotates URLs in 32-bit email management tools, such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.