What's new in the 10.6.0 release

This release of the product includes these features and enhancements.

Feature Description
Support for kernel extension (kext) less mode Supports Threat Prevention without the kernel extension (kext). By default, the software is installed with kext enabled. You can disable or enable the kext as required using commands. Adaptive Threat Prevention also supports KextLess mode similar to how Threat Prevention supports it. By default, Adaptive Threat Prevention is installed with kext enabled.
Support for Dark Mode on macOS Mojave The product interface now dynamically switches to the dark mode or light mode automatically according to the display mode you select.
Important: You must install McAfee Endpoint Security ePO extension update 10.6.1 or later to use this release. For more information about the ePO extension update build numbers, see McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac installation guide.