What's new in 10.6.0

Releases can introduce new features and enhancements or update platform support.

Important: McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux Threat Prevention 10.6.0 can't co-exist with McAfee Firewall for Linux 8.0.x. If the installer detects McAfee Firewall for Linux 8.0.x, it upgrades McAfee Firewall for Linux to McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux Firewall provided the Firewall package is available in the repository (in McAfee ePO) or in the same directory of the Threat Prevention installer script. In the absence of the Firewall package, the Threat Prevention installation is aborted. For more information about installation and upgrade scenarios, see McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux 10.6.0 installation guide.

Threat Prevention

  • Support for CPU Throttled On-Demand Scan — Allows you to configure and control the CPU usage when running on-demand scan task. To use this feature, you must install McAfee Endpoint Security ePO extension update 10.6.1 or later extensions. For more information about the ePO extension update build numbers, see McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux installation guide.

Support for additional operating systems

This release supports this operating system additionally.

  • Support for Ubuntu 18.10
For the list of operating systems this release supports, see McAfee Knowledge Base article KB87073.