Best practice: Daily memory scans

We recommend running a daily on-demand scan of memory and processes.

The scan finishes in 30–90 seconds on average, with virtually no impact to system users.

Rootkits and hidden processes function at the operating system level and allow an attacker hidden access to your system at the administrator level. Malware rootkits can inadvertently be installed on a target computer when users:

  • Open rich-content files, such as PDF documents.
  • Open malicious links that appear legitimate.
  • Install a legitimate application with a rootkit added as part of the installation.
Important: If the memory scan detects any malware on a system, run a Full Scan immediately.

To scan memory and processes, configure a Custom On-Demand Scan:

  1. Select these locations to scan:
    • Memory for rootkits
    • Running processes
  2. Schedule to run the scan once a day at a convenient time.