Configure predefined scans that can be run manually or scheduled

Configure the behavior of three predefined on-demand scans: Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Right-Click Scan.

Users can run these scans at any time on their system. To run the predefined Quick Scan or Full Scan on a client system from McAfee ePO, schedule a Policy-Based On-Demand Scan client task.

Note: See the Help for the Threat Prevention Options settings for more scan configuration options.


  1. Select MenuPolicyPolicy Catalog, then select Endpoint Security Threat Prevention from the Product list.
  2. From the Category list, select On-Demand Scan.
  3. Click the name of an editable policy.
  4. Click a tab to configure settings for the specified scan.
    • Quick Scan
    • Full Scan
    • Right-Click Scan
  5. Configure settings on the page, then click Save.