Add Rule or Edit Rule

Specify or change the applications that Exploit Prevention monitors.

Section Option Definition
Name Specifies or indicates the name of the rule. (Required)
Status Enables or disables the item.
Inclusion status Specifies the inclusion status for the executable.
  • Include — Specifies that Exploit Prevention monitor the executables in the Executables list.
  • Exclude — Specifies that Exploit Prevention doesn't monitor the executables in the Executables list.
Executables Specifies executables for the rule.
  • Add — Adds an executable to the list.
  • Double-click an itemChanges the selected item.
  • DeleteDeletes the selected item.
  • DuplicateCreates a copy of the selected item.
Notes Provides more information about the item.

For McAfee-defined application protection rules, this field contains the name of the executable being protected.