Quarantine page

Manage items in the Quarantine.

Option Definition
Delete Deletes selected items from the Quarantine.

Deleted items can't be restored.

Restore Restores items from the Quarantine.

Endpoint Security restores items to the original location and removes them from the Quarantine.

If an item is still a valid threat, Endpoint Security immediately returns it to the Quarantine.

Rescan Rescans selected items in the Quarantine.

If the item is no longer a threat, Endpoint Security restores the item to its original location and removes it from the Quarantine.

Column heading Sorts the quarantine list by...
Detection Name Name of the detection.
Type Type of threat, for example, Trojan or Adware.
Time quarantined The length of time the item has been quarantined.
Number of objects The number of objects in the detection.
AMCore content version The version number of AMCore content that identified the threat.
Rescan status The status of the rescan, if the item has been rescanned:

  • Clean — The rescan resulted in no threat detections.
  • InfectedEndpoint Security detected a threat during the rescan.