System requirements

Systems must have specific hardware and software to run McAfee Endpoint Security. Review the requirements before installing the product software to make sure that your installation is successful.

System and hardware requirements

This release supports deploying Endpoint Security to Windows operating systems. For a complete list of current system requirements, see KB82761.

Supported and unsupported browsers

Product installation and Web Control features have been verified to function correctly on most versions of popular browsers. URL installation requires one of the supported browsers and an Internet connection.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 11 — Version 10 is supported only on Windows Vista.
  • Google Chrome — Doesn't support the Show Balloon option in Web Control.
  • Mozilla Firefox, version 56 and later
  • Safari — See KB84934.

Microsoft Edge isn't supported.

Note: Because Chrome and Firefox release new versions frequently, Web Control might not work with a new update. A Web Control patch is released as soon as possible to support the changes from Google or Mozilla.

For the latest information about browsers that Web Control supports, see KB82761.

Supported versions of McAfee Agent

You have installed McAfee Agent 4.0 or later on your system.

Note: Endpoint Security requires McAfee Agent or later (version 5.5.0 is recommended). Endpoint Security automatically upgrades version 4.0 and later of the agent to a supported version during product upgrades. You can also upgrade the agent manually.