Install the software from the command line

You can run the installation wizard from the command line, which lets you select additional options, such as silent installation. By default, installation is interactive.

Before you begin

Make sure that your system meets all requirements.

  • For silent installation, the wizard displays no feedback. All information is available in logs.
  • For interactive command-line installation, the wizard displays a progress window and allows you to cancel the installation, if needed. All information is available in logs.


  1. Copy the product files to the system where you want to install it.

    Depending on how you purchased the product, you might need to download product files from a download site or copy them from a disc.

  2. Open a Command Prompt window, navigate to the folder where you copied the files, then type this command and any applicable parameters, which are not case-sensitive:

    setupEP.exe /parameters

    Type setupEP.exe /help for a complete list of command-line options for the SetupEP utility.
    Tip: Best practice: Restart the system after installing this release of the product.