Install Threat Prevention module

Use the command line to install the software on RPM-based and Ubuntu-based systems.

Before you begin

You must have installed the McAfee Agent software on the system you intend to install the software. For information about installing the software, see the product guide of your version of McAfee Agent.

Uninstall competitor's software from the system. McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux doesn't support the co-existence of competitor's software in the system.


  1. Download the package IsecTP-<version_number>-<build_number>-release-standalone.tar.gz from the McAfee Software Download site using your McAfee Grant Number to a temporary directory of your system.
  2. Log on to the system as a user with administrator rights.
  3. Download ISecTP-<version_number>-<build_number>-Release-standalone.tar.gz to a temporary directory on your system.
  4. Extract the package.
    tar -zxvf ISecTP-<version_number>-<build_number>-Release-standalone.tar.gz
  5. Execute the installation script from the directory where you extracted the software.
    sudo ./
  6. Read the End User License Agreement, then type q to navigate to the prompt.
  7. Type accept, then press Enter.
    Important: McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux does not support using the nails.options file.

    When you install the software using the installation script, the On-Access Scan option is enabled by default.

    To install the software with On-Access Scan disabled, execute the command.

    sudo ./ oasoff from the directory where you extracted the software.

    For information about enabling the On-Access Scan using the command line, see Enable or Disable On-Access Scanning or the manpage help.