Key features of Firewall

The key features of Firewall protect against threats, detect security issues, and correct false positives.


Protect your network and applications these Firewall features:

  • Rules — Define the criteria Firewall uses to determine whether to block or allow incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Rule groups — Organize firewall rules for easy management, enabling you to apply rules manually or on a schedule, and to only process traffic based on connection type.
  • Stateful packet filtering and inspection — Track network connection state and characteristics in a state table, allowing only packets that match a known open connection.
  • Reputation-based control — Block untrusted executables, or all traffic from an untrusted network, based on reputation.


Detect security issues using these Firewall features:

  • Dashboards and monitors — Display intrusion and detection events from McAfee GTI and Firewall.
  • Queries and reports — Retrieve detailed information about Firewall, including client rules, errors, intrusion and block events, and save that information in reports.
  • Alerts — Display alerts for blocked traffic, based on executable or network reputation.
  • Log traffic — Log all blocked or allowed traffic.


Reduce or eliminate false positives using these Firewall features:

  • Adaptive mode — Create rules automatically on the client system to allow legitimate activity.

    Once created, analyze client rules to decide which to convert to server-mandated policies.

  • Defined networks — Define trusted networks to allow traffic from networks that your organization considers safe.
  • Trusted executables — Maintain a list of safe executables to reduce false positives.
  • Firewall Catalog — Define rules and groups to add to multiple policies, or networks and applications to add to firewall rules.
  • Client options — Allow users to disable Firewall temporarily for troubleshooting.
  • Dashboards and monitors — Monitor activity and intrusion detections, then use that information to tune Firewall settings.