Create a Firewall rule

Create a firewall rule for managed Mac.


  1. Log on to the McAfee ePO server as an administrator.
  2. From the Policy Catalog, select Endpoint Security Firewall as the product, then select Rules as the category.
  3. Click New Policy, type a name for the policy, then click OK.
  4. On the Policy Catalog page, click the policy that you created, then define these settings:
  5. Click Add Rule to create a Firewall rule, define these settings, then click Save.
    In this category... In this section... Configure these options...
    Description Name Type a name of the policy.
    Status Select Enable rule to enable the Firewall rules on managed Mac.
    Actions Allow — Allows the network traffic through the firewall.
    Block — Blocks the network traffic.
    Treat match as intrusion — Treats traffic that matches the rule as an attack and generates an event that is sent to the McAfee ePO server.
    Log matching traffic — Logs a record of matching traffic in the system log in client Mac.
    Direction Either — Matches incoming and outgoing traffic.
    In — Matches incoming traffic.
    Out — Matches outgoing traffic.
    Notes You can store additional information.
    Networks Network Protocol
    IP protocol — Supports only IPv4 protocol.

    Any protocol — Supports only IPv4 protocol.

    Connection types Wired
    Specify networks Add Local — Adds local networks.
    Add Remote — Adds remote networks.
    Add from Catalog (Local) — Adds local networks from the catalog.
    Add from Catalog (Remote) — Adds remote networks from the catalog.
    Transport Transport protocol ICMP — Matches ICMP protocol.
    TCP — Matches TCP protocol.
    UDP — Matches UDP protocol.
    All protocol — Matches ICMP, TCP, or UDP protocol.
    Applications Add Name — Names of the application for which you create Firewall rules.

    Executables — Application binaries. In the File name or path, you can specify the application or the binary path of the application.

    Notes — Comments for your reference.