Address type

Specify the address type for a defined network or the address type for the network that a rule or group applies to.

Option Definition
Single IP address Specifies a particular IP address. For example:
  • IPv4192.168.254.200
  • IPv6FD4A:A1B2:C3D4::E5F6
Subnet Specifies the subnet address of any adapter on the network. For example:
  • IPv4192.168.254.0/24
  • IPv6FD4A:A1B2:C3D4::E5F6/32
Local subnet Specifies the subnet address of the local adapter.
Range Specifies a range of IP addresses. Enter the starting point and ending point of the range. For example:
  • IPv4192.168.254.200-
  • IPv6FD4A:A1B2:C3D4::E000-FD4A:A1B2:C3D4::EFFF
Defined Networks (Not trusted) (rule or group only) Specifies that the rule or group applies to the local or remote networks that are defined Not trusted in the Options policy.

You can use networks defined as not trusted for the local or remote network criteria in a rule or group.

Fully qualified domain name Specifies the FQDN. For example,
Any local IP address Specifies any local IP address.
Any IPv4 address Specifies any IPv4 address.
Any IPv6 address Specifies any IPv6 address.