Protect services and files

One of the first things that malware attempts to do during an attack is to disable your system security software. Configure Self Protection in the Common settings to prevent services and files from being stopped or modified.

Caution: Disabling Self Protection leaves your system vulnerable to attack.


  1. Select MenuPolicyPolicy Catalog, then select Endpoint Security Common from the Product list.
  2. From the Category list, select Options.
  3. Click the name of an editable policy.
  4. From Self Protection, verify that Self Protection is enabled.
  5. Specify the action for each of the following resources:
    • Files and folders — Prevents users from changing the McAfee database, binaries, safe search files, and configuration files.
    • Registry — Prevents users from changing the McAfee registry hive, COM components, and uninstalling using the registry value.
    • Processes — Prevents stopping McAfee processes.
  6. Click Save.