Log file names and locations

The activity, error, and debug log files record events that occur on systems with McAfee products enabled.

All activity and debug log files are stored here:

%ProgramData%\McAfee\Endpoint Security\Logs

Each module, feature, or technology places activity or debug logging in a separate file. All modules place error logging in one file, EndpointSecurityPlatform_Errors.log.

Log files
Feature or technology File name
Platform EndpointSecurityPlatform_Activity.log
Self Protection SelfProtection_Activity.log
Updates PackageManager_Activity.log
Errors EndpointSecurityPlatform_Errors.log

Contains error logs for all modules.

Endpoint Security Client MFEConsole_Debug.log

By default, installation log files are stored here:

TEMP\McAfeeLogs, which is the Windows system TEMP folder.