Event Log page

Displays the activity and debug events in the Event Log.

Table 1: Options
Option Definition
Number of events Indicates the number of events that Endpoint Security logged on the system in the last 30 days.
Refreshes the Event Log display with any new event data.
View Logs Folder Opens the folder that contains the log files in Windows Explorer.
Show all events Removes any filter.
Filter by Severity Filters events by a severity level:

Alert Shows level 1 severity events only.
Critical and greater Shows levels 1 and 2 severity events only.
Warning and greater Shows levels 1, 2, and 3 severity events only.
Notice and greater Shows levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 severity levels.

Filter by Module Filters events by module.

The features that appear in the drop-down list depend on the features installed on the system at the time you opened the Event Log.

Search Searches the Event Log for a string.
Events per page Selects the number of events to display on a page. (By default, 20 events per page)
Previous page Displays the previous page in the Event Log.
Next page Displays the next page in the Event Log.
Page x of x Selects a page in the Event Log to navigate to.

Enter a number in the Page field and press Enter or click Go to navigate to the page.

Column heading Sorts the event list by...
Date Date the event occurred.
Feature Feature that logged the event.
Action taken Action that Endpoint Security took, if any, in response to the event.

The action is configured in the settings.

Access Denied Prevented access to file.
Allowed Allowed access to file.
Blocked Blocked access to the file.

Severity Severity level of the event.

Critical 1
Major 2
Minor 3
Warning 4
Informational 5