How Web Control works

Web Control protects your Mac from online threats, called web-based threats, when you access or browse website.

The software monitors sites that you access or browse, checks for their safety ratings, and allows or blocks the sites according to the configuration.

Web Control provides safe browsing at two levels.

  • When the user navigates to a malicious site using the Safari browser, Web Control blocks the navigation, and displays a message according to the configuration. On Chrome browsers, a safety rating button is displayed for each page on the address bar. Because of Safari browser's limitation to display colored icons, the rating button is not displayed on the Safari browser.
  • Displays a safety rating for each site that the search engine lists.
    Note: The software supports only the Google search engine.

The software allows you to configure access permission to sites based on their rating or content category defined by McAfee GTI.

For a standalone Mac, you can configure the security preferences to:

  • Enable or disable the Web Control feature
  • Allow or block access to sites based on their rating
  • Configure access to sites based on the content type
  • Define a list of sites to allow or block