Installation and upgrade tools

McAfee ePO provides tools to assist with installing and upgrading Endpoint Security. You can download and install these tools from the Software Manager.

  • Endpoint Security Package Designer — Creates a single, custom Endpoint Security installation package that includes post-release hotfix packages. The custom installation package is larger than the standard installation package, but ensures that hotfix releases are applied during installation, instead of waiting for an update task to retrieve the hotfix files from the McAfee ePO repository. You can also include preconfigured, custom policies in the custom package.
  • Endpoint Migration Assistant — Migrates custom policy settings when you upgrade legacy products to Endpoint Security. You can migrate all your settings automatically, or select settings to migrate manually and configure them before migration if needed.
  • Endpoint Upgrade Assistant — Simplifies and automates the tasks required to upgrade environments to Endpoint Security. Endpoint Upgrade Assistant supports upgrades from legacy products. This tool analyzes managed systems, detects the supported McAfee products that are installed, and determines the minimum requirements for upgrading.

    You can use Endpoint Upgrade Assistant to determine which systems are ready for automatic upgrades, then upgrade them with a single deployment task. You can also plan, deploy, and track manual upgrades throughout your environment.

  • Endpoint Package Creator — With Endpoint Upgrade Assistant, creates an installation package for use with third-party deployment solutions.