Endpoint Migration Assistant page

Select the migration mode and, for Manual migration, specify objects (policies, client tasks, or the Host IPS Catalog) to migrate.

Table 1: Option definitions
Section Option Definition
Mode Selects the migration mode.
Manual migration Migrates selected policies, selected client tasks, or the Host IPS Catalog. You can change policy settings before the new policies are created.

Does not retain assignments; you must assign the migrated policies and tasks after they are created.

Recommended if you:

  • Have a network with more than 250 managed systems
  • Use multiple custom policies
  • Want to fine-tune existing policy settings during the migration process
  • Want to fine-tune assignments
  • Want to migrate settings to single-platform policies
  • Want to personally supervise and approve each step of the migration process

Automatic migration

Migrates all supported settings for all supported products on your managed systems at once. Lets you preview, but not change, the new policy categories and settings before they are created. Requires minimal input from you.

Retains assignments; the Migration Assistant assigns the migrated policies and tasks to managed systems after they are created.

Recommended if you:

  • Have a network with fewer than 250 managed systems
  • Use default policy settings or a minimum number of custom policies

This mode migrates these settings for the supported products you have installed.

  • VirusScan Enterprise 8.8
    • Policies — Migrate workstation policies, server policies, or both if you have both defined.
    • Client tasks
  • Host Intrusion Prevention Firewall 8.0
    • Host IPS Catalog — Renamed Firewall Catalog in Endpoint Security.
    • Firewall and General policies
  • Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0
    • IPS Rules policy:
      • Excluded Application Protection Rules
      • IPS Exceptions
      • Custom signatures
      • McAfee-defined signatures supported by the Exploit Prevention policy
    • IPS Protection policy
  • SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3.5
    • Policies
    • Client tasks
  • McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac 2.3 or McAfee VirusScan for Mac 9.8
    • Anti-malware policy:
      • On-access Scan
      • Exclusions: On-access Scan
  • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux 2.0.2
    • On-Access Scanning policy
    • On-Demand Scanning client tasks

Important: Automatic migration removes all policies and assignments created during previous Automatic migrations for the same systems.
If you select Manual migration...
Objects to Migrate Specifies which objects to migrate.
Host IPS Catalog Migrates all items in the Host IPS Catalog to the Firewall Catalog.

The Migration Assistant displays the date and time when the catalog was last migrated, if applicable, next to the option to migrate the catalog.

Tip: Best practice: Migrate the Host IPS Catalog immediately before the McAfee Host IPS Firewall policies to ensure that they remain synchronized.
Policies Migrates and consolidates policies.
Client Tasks Migrates client tasks for Windows products.
If you select Automatic migration...
System Selection Specifies which systems to migrate.
Migrate entire System Tree Migrates settings for all managed systems.
Migrate a single System Tree group Migrates settings for a single System Tree group and its subgroups.
Additional Options These options appear when the associated product is installed.
Options for non-Windows products Specify which non-Windows product settings to migrate. Windows policies are migrated automatically.

Migration requires a Threat Prevention License extension for the operating system platform. The Migration Assistant checks for a Mac and Linux License extension before enabling the option to migrate Mac and Linux settings.

Migrate Mac policies Migrates settings for McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac or McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Mac.
Migrate Linux policies and tasks Migrates settings for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux.
Migrate VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 settings from:
Workstation settings Migrates VirusScan Enterprise settings for workstations.
Server settings Migrates VirusScan Enterprise settings for servers.
Both Workstation and Server settings Migrates VirusScan Enterprise settings for both workstations and servers.
Next Goes to the next step.