Log files

The installation wizard tracks details about installation, uninstallation, and migration in log files that you can use to verify results and troubleshoot problems.

Default location of installation log files

By default, the installation wizard installs the installation log files in a TEMP folder. Use command-line options to change the location for the log files.

Management platform Installation log file location
McAfee ePO Windows System TEMP folder

(C:\Windows\TEMP\McAfeeLogs by default)

McAfee ePO Cloud
Self-managed User TEMP folder — %Temp%\McAfeeLogs

(C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\McAfeeLogs by default)

Types of log files

Check these log files for details about installation, uninstallation, and migration.

Log file name Type of information
McAfee_<module>_Install_XX.log Installation log for each product module.

Example: McAfee_TP_Install_XX.log

McAfee_<Module>_Bootstrapper_XX.log Bootstrapper for each product module.
McAfee_Endpoint_BootStrapper_XX.log Bootstrapper for self-managed Master SETUPEP.
McAfee_<Module>_CustomAction_Install_XX.log MSI Custom Action for each product module.
McAfee_Endpoint_CompetitorUninstaller.log Removal of incompatible virus-protection and firewall products.
McAfee_<Module>_UnInstall_XX.log Uninstallation log for each product module.
McAfee_<Module>_CustomAction_Uninstall_XX.log MSI Custom Action for each product module for uninstallation.
McAfee_Endpoint_Security_Migration_xxx.log Removal of legacy products.

Example: McAfee_Endpoint_Security_Migration_McAfee VirusScan Enterprise_8.8_06042015195245175.log

McAfee_<module>_Migration_Plugin.log Preserve and restore status of migrated legacy settings, per module.

Example: McAfee_TP_Migration_Plugin.log

McAfee_ESP_Migration_Plugin.log Legacy settings migrated to the Common Options policy.