Options for installation and upgrades

McAfee Endpoint Security includes automated installation and setup processes for multiple management environments.

Automated installation and deployment

Select the level of automation or customization that best suits your needs.

  • Automated wizards — Install and deploy the product with preconfigured, default settings and minimal interaction during installation.
  • Customized options — Use the Endpoint Security Package Designer to create custom product packages that include preconfigured policy settings. Specify installation features, such as installing silently.
  • Single or multiple targets — Install on local systems or deploy remotely to all managed systems.

Side-by-side management and upgrades

Install, manage, and upgrade multiple product versions and operating system platforms using a single management platform.

  • Inline installation — Install and manage new products side by side with previous versions.
  • Management of multiple client versions and platforms — Use McAfee ePO and McAfee ePO Cloud with the McAfee Agent to manage 10.0–10.5 versions of the Endpoint Security Client on Windows systems and compatible client software on Mac and Linux systems.
  • Migration of custom settings — Migrate your settings from legacy products for use with Endpoint Security.
    • On self-managed systems — The installation wizard preserves your settings during the upgrade process, by default. You can specify the products to upgrade.
    • On McAfee ePO-managed systems — The Endpoint Migration Assistant provides two migration paths. You can migrate all your settings automatically, or select settings to migrate manually, then configure some of them before migration if needed.