Configuring Firewall

After you install Firewall, configure policies to provide the greatest amount of security without conflicting with day-to-day activities.

Note: Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 can be installed on the same system as Endpoint Security version 10.5. If McAfee Host IPS Firewall is installed and enabled, Endpoint Security Firewall is disabled even if enabled in the policy settings.

The default policies in Firewall fit the broadest set of customer environments and might meet your needs. To tune policies for your setting, we recommend the following:

  1. Define your Firewall security configuration. Evaluate who is responsible for configuring specific parts of the system and grant them appropriate permissions.
  2. Change the default Rules policies, which provide increasing levels of preset protection.
  3. Configure dashboards for a quick overview of compliance and issues.
  4. Configure Automatic Responses to alert individuals when events occur. For example, a notification can be sent when an activity that triggers a high severity event occurs on a particular server.