View the Event Log

The activity and debug logs store a record of events that occur on the McAfee-protected system. You can view the Event Log from the Endpoint Security Client.

For help, from the Action menu , select Help.


  1. Open the Endpoint Security Client.
  2. Click Event Log on the left side of the page.
    The page shows any events that Endpoint Security has logged on the system in the last 30 days.

    If the Endpoint Security Client can't reach the Event Manager, it displays a communication error message. In this case, reboot the system to view the Event Log.

  3. Select an event from the top pane to display the details in the bottom pane.
    To change the relative sizes of the panes, click and drag the sash widget between the panes.
  4. On the Event Log page, sort, search, filter, or reload events.

    The options that appear depend on how the scan is configured.

    To... Steps
    Sort events by date, features, action taken, and severity. Click the table column heading.
    Search the event log. Enter the search text in the Search field and press Enter, or click Search.

    The search is case-insensitive and searches all fields of the event log for the search text. The event list shows all elements with matching text.

    To cancel the search and display all events, click x in the Search field.

    Filter events by severity or module. From the filter drop-down list, select an option.

    To remove the filter and display all events, select Show all events from the drop-down list.

    Refresh the Event Log display with any new events. Click .
    Open the folder that contains the log files. Click View Logs Folder.
  5. Navigate within the Event Log.
    To... Steps
    Display the previous page of events. Click Previous page.
    Display the next page of events. Click Next page.
    Display a specific page in the log. Enter a page number and press Enter or click Go.
    By default, the Event Log displays 20 events per page. To display more events per page, select an option from the Events per page drop-down list.