Enable accessibility (USB audio devices) in the Pre-Boot environment

The USB audio functionality enables visually challenged users to listen to a voice (spoken words) as guidance when the user moves the focus from one field to the next using mouse or keyboard in the Pre-Boot environment.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that the DEAdmin extension is installed on the McAfee ePO server.
  • Make sure that the Enable Accessibility option is enabled under Log OnDrive Encryption.

Accessibility allows any external USB audio device to be used and to play back pre-recorded audio files. These vocal prompts can indicate which control or option has the focus (that is, Username, Password, OK) and specific error conditions.

Note: This functionality provides the audio guidance in the English language only.

When you install or update the product, the vocal prompts are installed on the client system only. Only when the policy setting is enabled, the audio files are transferred to the PBFS. This saves space in the PBFS system, which does not need this functionality.

Note: 508 compliance audio is not available under UEFI due to the lack of audio drivers in the UEFI environment.


  1. Click Menu | Systems | System TreeMenuSystemsSystem Tree, then select a group from the System Tree.
  2. Select a system, then click ActionsAgentModify Policies on a Single System to open the Policy Assignment page for that system.
  3. From the Product drop-down list, select Drive Encryption 7.2. The policy categories under Drive Encryption display the system's assigned policy.
  4. Select the Product Settings policy category, then click Edit Assignments to open the Product Settings page.
  5. If the policy is inherited, select Break inheritance and assign the policy and settings below next to Inherit from.
  6. From the Assigned Policy drop-down list, select the policy, then click Edit Policy to open the Policy Settings page.
    From this page, you can edit the selected policy, or create a new policy.
  7. On the Boot Options tab, select Always enable pre-boot USB support to enable USB on the client system. Make sure that you also enable the Enable Accessibility option under Log On | Drive Encryption.
  8. Click Save on the Policy Settings page, then click Save on the Product Settings page.
  9. Send an agent wake-up call.


When the user tries to authenticate on the client system after enforcing this policy, the user can listen to the audio guidance in the Pre-Boot environment.