Add group users

Group Users are the Drive Encryption user accounts that are allocated to every encrypted system. They are typically administration accounts used for troubleshooting and supporting the client in a given group.

Note: If you choose to add a Group or an Organizational Unit (OU), the individual user names do not appear. Instead, the entire Domain Name of the Group or Organizational unit appears.

If you do not follow the recommendations on Change default password and Do not prompt for default password options, then all Drive Encryption user accounts, including Group User accounts, are assigned the default password upon creation.

When you log on for the first time as a group user, you must use the default password assigned to you from the user-based policy. For new installations, the default password is 1234567. If you are upgrading to Drive Encryption 7.2.5, the default password remains the same. The default password before Drive Encryption 7.2.5 was 12345.

Note: You might not be prompted for the default password if the User-Based Policy is configured to Do not prompt for default password.

If you want the system to automatically capture the user's credentials without requiring them to use a default password on PBA, enable the Do not Prompt for default password option under User Based Policies | Password.