Define Drive Encryption permission sets for McAfee ePO users

User accounts provide a means for users to access and use the Drive Encryption software. They are associated with permission sets that define what users are allowed to do with the software.

You must create user accounts and permission sets to accommodate the needs of each user who logs on to the McAfee ePO server.

The administrator can set up Drive Encryption product-specific permission sets for different users and systems on McAfee ePO.


  1. Click MenuUser ManagementPermission Sets.
  2. Click New Permission Set.
  3. Enter a permission set name in the Name field.
  4. Select the Active Directory groups mapped to this permission set. To add a new Active Directory group, click Add, then browse to the group and click OK.
  5. Select the Server name, then click Save to open the Permission Set page.
  6. Click Edit next to Drive Encryption under the new permission set to open the Edit Permission Set page.
  7. Select the required permission settings, then click Save.
    Note: You can assign this permission set to a new or existing McAfee ePO user by selecting MenuUser ManagementUsers.