Manage the users assigned to a system

You can use the McAfee ePO server to view the Drive Encryption users assigned to the client system. The Drive Encryption software can be activated on a client system only after adding one or more users and enforcing the required encryption policies correctly.

Before you begin

You must have administrator rights to perform this task.

You can also remove users from a client system. Make sure that you have assigned the user at the system level or branch level. If a user is assigned at the branch level, the user is assigned to other client systems even after removing one system.


  1. Click MenuData ProtectionEncryption Users to open the My Organization page.
  2. From the System Tree pane, select a system.
  3. Click ActionsDrive EncryptionView Users. The Encryption Users page lists the users for the selected system.
    Note: This page does not display the user groups that are assigned at the branch level.
  4. To remove a user:
    1. Select the user name from the list, then click ActionsDrive EncryptionDelete Users.
    2. When prompted for confirmation, click Yes to delete the selected user.