Add a system to an existing system group

Use McAfee ePO to import systems from your Network Neighborhood to groups for working with Drive Encryption. You can also import a network domain or Active Directory container.


  1. Click MenuSystemsSystem Tree, then click ActionsNew Systems.
  2. Select the required option under How to add systems.
  3. In the Systems to add field, type the NetBIOS name for each system, separated by commas, spaces, or line breaks. Alternatively, click Browse to select the systems.
  4. If you select Push agents and add systems to the current group, you can enable automatic System Tree sorting. Do this to apply the sorting criteria to these systems.
    Select the following options:
    Option Action
    Agent version Select the agent version to deploy.
    Installation path Configure the agent installation path or accept the default.
    Credentials for agent installation Enter valid credentials to install the agent:
    • Domain: The domain of the system
    • User name: The login user name
    • Password: The login password
    Number of attempts Type an integer for the specified number of attempts, or type zero for continuous attempts.
    Retry interval Type the number of seconds between two attempts.
    Abort After Type the number of minutes before stopping the connection.
    Connect using (McAfee ePO 4.6) or Push Agent using (McAfee ePO 5.3) Select the connection used for the deployment:
    • Selected Agent Handler — Select the server from the list
    • All Agent Handlers
  5. Click OK.