Edit user inheritance

You can group users at different organizational levels and edit the inheritance as required. Inheritance is used to assign multiple users to systems from a centralized location without having to work on the individual systems.

Before you begin

You must have administrator rights to perform this task.


  1. Click MenuData ProtectionEncryption Users to open the My Organization page.
  2. Select the Organizational Unit from the System Tree, then click the Group Users tab.
  3. Click Edit in Inheritance broken to open the Edit Group Inheritance page.
  4. Select Break inheritance, then click OK.

    The user inheritance broken status appears:

    • True — Specifies that the inheritance is broken. Breaking inheritance on a branch prevents inheritance of users and groups from any parent branch. It has no effect on users and groups assigned to the branch or child.
    • False — Specifies that the inheritance is not broken. When inheritance is not broken on a branch, users and groups are inherited from the parent until the inheritance is broken.