Change to the way FIPS mode is indicated

When McAfee Drive Encryption is installed in FIPS mode, a FIPS entry appears in the Modules window. Previously, this was displayed in the title bar in preboot.

Support for Device Guard in FIPS mode

Drive Encryption 7.2.2 is the first release to support Drive Encryption running in FIPS mode on a Windows 10 system, with Device Guard enabled. For further information about support for Windows 10 Device Guard with McAfee Drive Encryption, see KB86009.

Additional smart card support

Support for the following smart cards is included in this release:

  • ATOS (previously Siemens) CardOS 5.3 token
  • Oberthur AuthentIC PKI Smart Card - support added for V8 Cosmo card

Incompatible Product Detection

Incompatible Product Detection is updated in McAfee Drive Encryption for the following:

  • Dell Data Protection
  • Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11
  • Checkpoint R77