These features of Drive Encryption are important for your organization's system security and protection.

  • Centralized managementDrive Encryption integrates fully into McAfee ePO, leveraging the McAfee ePO infrastructure for automated security reporting, monitoring, deployment, and policy administration.
  • Transparent encryptionDrive Encryption enables transparent encryption without hindering users or system performance.
  • Access controlDrive Encryption enforces strong access control with Pre-Boot Authentication.
  • Remote management capabilityDrive Encryption supports Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) for remotely managing and securing systems in conjunction with McAfee® ePO Deep Command.
  • Recovery —The recovery feature allows the end user to perform emergency recovery when the system fails to reboot or its Pre-Boot File System (PBFS) is corrupt.
  • Support for self-encrypting drives — The combination of Drive Encryption and McAfee ePO enables centralized management of self-encrypting drives that conform to the Opal standard from Trusted Computing Group (TCG), including locking and unlocking, reporting, recovery, policy enforcement, and user management. For details, see Opal self-encrypting drives.
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)Drive Encryption supports TPM 2.0 on Windows 8 and above UEFI systems in order to provide platform authentication without the need for Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA).