Initiating system transfer

In order to safely transfer systems that have McAfee Drive Encryption installed and activated on them, it is important to keep the system in the source McAfee ePO server until the transfer process has been successfully completed. If the transfer process fails, the system may need to be moved back to the source server until the problem is resolved. This cannot be done, if the system is deleted from the source server, as all user assignments and user data may have been deleted.

Important: Note that systems must not be transferred using the McAfee ePO system tree AgentSystem Transfer, because it deletes the system from the source McAfee ePO server.

Systems can be safely transferred by manually deploying the McAfee Agent FramePkg from the destination server to the system. For more information, see the McAfee Agent 5.0 Product Guide: FAQ: How can I redirect the communication from a McAfee Agent to a new McAfee ePO server?