In order to monitor the transfer of systems and detect any issues with the process, a canned query has been provided, that can be monitored from within the destination server McAfee ePO console. This canned query reports any systems that have failed the McAfee ePO system transfer process, along with an initial root cause analysis of the failure.

It is recommended that this query be routinely checked during system transfers. A server task can be configured to automatically email the results of the query at regular intervals, if desired. For more information, please see the McAfee ePO product documentation corresponding to your destination server version.

Note that the report uses the standard property collection mechanism of McAfee ePO, and as such will require systems to perform an agent-server communication in order to obtain the most up-to-date properties. For this reason, it is common for reports to show inconsistent data due to an expected lag in property collection.