Configure security update settings

Determine whether the rules or tests are automatically updated, and when the automatic security updates are to take place.

vPatch rules and VA tests are provided by McAfee Database Security to help monitor and prevent attacks against known vulnerabilities and to scan databases for security issues, respectively.


  1. On the Update page, click the Update Settings tab.
  2. To automatically check for all updates, select Check for available updates automatically.
  3. Select the required auto-installation option as follows:
    • To disable the automatic installation feature, select No auto-installation.

    • To install the update in real-time, select Real-time (auto-install when new updates are available).

    • To install the updates on a specific day and time, select Schedule installation, then select the day of the week and the time when the update is to begin.

    • To install the updates only once on specific day and time, on a one-off basis, select Run Only Once. When this one-off installation event has occurred, the Security Update Auto-Installation will revert to No auto-installation.
  4. Click Save.