VA Scan Configuration tab

Allows you to configure vulnerability assessment scan to the DBMSs and groups.

Option Definition
Edit Filters Enables you to filters the VA scan configuration to display data that matches specific criteria.
Install on DBMSs Enables you to install the selected VA scans on the configured DBMSs or DBMS groups.
Remove from DBMSs Enables you to remove VA scans from the DBMSs or DBMSs groups.
Enable VA Scans Enable a set of VA scans for the DBMSs or DBMSs groups.
Disable VA Scans Disable a set of VA scans for the DBMSs or DBMSs groups.
Apply actions Apply action when the scan finds vulnerabilities. Add actions such as Log to McAfee Database Security console, Syslog, Windows Event Log , Log to file , or Send result to email to a set of VA scans.
Remove actions Remove actions from a set of VA scan.
Create New Scan Defines a VA scan.
VA Scan results
Status Specifies whether the vulnerability assessment scan is enabled or disabled.

  • — Indicates the scan is enabled.
  • — Indicates the scan is disabled.

Scan Name The name of the VA scan.
Installed On Specifies the DBMSs and groups for which the scan is configured.
Scan Actions The action to be taken when a scan result is returned.
Last Run The date and time when the scan was last run.
State The current state of the scan, for example, pending or scanning.
Next Run Specifies the date and time for the next scan to occur.
  • — Provides the scan details.
  • — Allows to clone the available scan rule.
  • — Allows to run manual scanning.
  • — Allows to stop a currently running scan.
  • — Allows to delete a scan.