Migration overview

You can migrate from McAfee® Network Data Loss Prevention (McAfee Network DLP) 9.3.x to McAfee® Data Loss Prevention (McAfee DLP) appliance versions, which are managed by McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee® ePO™) . There is no automatic upgrade path to move from McAfee Network DLP 9.3.x to McAfee DLP appliances.

The product architecture differs between versions McAfee Network DLP 9.3.x and McAfee® Data Loss Prevention Prevent (McAfee DLP Prevent). So, the configuration settings and data you had in McAfee DLP Manager can't be migrated directly to the McAfee DLP appliances managed from McAfee ePO and must be re-created.

You can configure newer versions of McAfee DLP appliances with settings that behave in a similar way to your McAfee Network DLP 9.3.x setup. For more detailed information, see the McAfee Data Loss Prevention Prevent Installation Guide and the product usage information in the McAfee Data Loss Prevention Product Guide. You can access the product documentation from docs.mcafee.com.

  • Product names — The 9.3.x version of the product was called McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention (McAfee Network DLP). With version 10.x and later, the Network part of the product name has been dropped to become McAfee DLP Prevent and McAfee DLP Monitor and together they are referred to as McAfee Data Loss Prevention (McAfee DLP) appliances.
  • Product management — With versions 10.x and later, appliances are managed from McAfee ePO. Configuration settings, rules, concepts, and policies that you used in McAfee DLP Manager must be re-created in McAfee ePO and managed from McAfee ePO.
  • Incidents and cases — Incidents and cases in McAfee DLP Manager can't be migrated to McAfee Data Loss Prevention appliances.
    Note: You can keep McAfee DLP Manager available until the incidents and cases are no longer needed, or until McAfee Network DLP 9.3.x is no longer supported.

Why migrate from McAfee Network DLP 9.3.x to McAfee DLP?

We recommend you to always upgrade to the latest version available as it includes the most up-to-date features and fixes.