Resolved issues

The following issues are resolved in this current update release of the product:

Reference Issue description
1256599 Manual classifications applied to .png and .tiff files are now correctly recognized by the McAfee DLP Prevent appliances.
1260145 Bounce notification emails now include the Message-ID header, which is mandated by RFC.
1261900 In a McAfee DLP virtual appliances cluster, the virtual appliance system health card no longer displays multiple cluster masters.
1262801 This release adds the X-Frame-Options : SAMEORIGIN header to mitigate the clickjacking vulnerability triggered by an appliance user interface port in some security scanners.
1263830 Dictionary classification now works correctly according to Count each match string only one time set in the advanced pattern classification.

The following issues were resolved in the previous release 11.0.601 and are now merged with this release:

Reference Issue description
1255895 This release corrects the health monitoring for remote syslog when performing a test to connect using TCP protocol.
1256863 To be compatible with all ICAP clients, McAfee DLP appliance now sends the X-Include header in response to the ICAP OPTIONS request.
1256874 This release updates the parsing mechanism for SMTP commands to support Extended SMTP (ESMTP) extensions. McAfee DLP appliance now triggers incidents when email traffic contains ESMTP extension.