Migration overview

There is no automatic upgrade path to move from McAfee Network DLP 9.3.x to McAfee DLP 10.x and later. This guide helps you configure the newer versions of McAfee DLP with settings that behave in a similar way to your McAfee Network DLP 9.3.x setup.

Differences between versions

The product architecture differs between versions 9.3.x and 10.x and later, so the configuration settings and data you had in McAfee DLP Manager cannot migrate directly to the McAfee DLP tools in McAfee ePO and must be recreated.

  • Product names — The 9.3.x version of the product was called McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention (McAfee Network DLP). With version 10.x and later, the Network part of the product name has been dropped to become McAfee Data Loss Prevention.
  • Product management — With version 10.x and later, products are now managed with McAfee ePO. Configuration settings, rules, concepts, and policies that you used in McAfee DLP Manager must be recreated in McAfee ePO.
  • Differences in terms — Most McAfee DLP features have the same name as they did in McAfee Network DLP 9.3.x, with a few exceptions.
    McAfee Network DLP 9.3.x terms McAfee DLP 10.x and later terms
    • Dictionary definition
    • Advanced pattern definitions (regex)
    Action rule Reaction
    • Classification
    • Definition
    Policy Rule set
    Validator Algorithm
    Group Permission set
  • Incidents and cases — Incidents and cases in McAfee DLP Manager cannot be migrated to the McAfee DLP 10.x and later tools.
    Note: You can keep McAfee DLP Manager available until the incidents and cases are no longer required, or until McAfee Network DLP 9.3.x is no longer supported.

Unsupported features

  • Capturing data
  • Creating definitions using the following settings:
    • Number of lines from the beginning
    • Percentage match
    • Number of bytes from the beginning

Migrating appliances

You must perform a full installation of the software. For detailed information, see the installation guide.

Note: Before you begin to install the new version, make a full configuration backup of your current installation so you can return to it if necessary.

If you have a model 4400, 5500, or 6600 appliance, you can install the newer versions of McAfee DLP.

McAfee DLP Manager machines can be repurposed after you've installed McAfee DLP Prevent 10.x on your existing appliances. For information, see the document about reimaging a McAfee Network DLP appliance on the McAfee download site.

To migrate from McAfee Network DLP 9.3.x virtual appliances for the first time, you must use a new McAfee DLP Prevent 10.x (or later) .ova file. The .ova file is available from the McAfee download site.

If, at a later date, you need to upgrade the software on a virtual appliance, you can use the .iso file.

Information about installing and upgrading the software on a physical or virtual appliance is in the installation guide.